Why We Blog

Mauricio replied to my post yesterday in order to placate my fears about his changing. (You can read it by clicking on comments below now that it’s been approved) In his post, he reminded me of why most of us blog (if our blogs are not simply parroting the news). We blog to sort out our feelings. We write what we would write in private in a journal or diary. But, unlike those devices, we put our lives out on display – really put our hearts on our sleaves. I know I’ve written some blog posts that we so slanted towards the way I was feeling that day, that they don’t represent the average me. They represent me happy/mad/sad/etc. I knew that in the back of my head and his comments just reminded me of the fact.

The reason that the part about Mo, what was originally intended to be a paragraph in the post, turned out to be 75% of the post is that Mo was my constant – my unchanging Mo. I know, as a Christian, that only God is supposed to have the adjective unchanging, but it’s how I saw him. Now as I write and think about it, I realize why – I haven’t seen him in years (except about 1 year ago for 30 minutes at his house). So I don’t get to talk to him like we used to at school during lunch or after school hanging out. I only know the Mo I left in Cooper City nearly five years ago. I knew, from various times on his blog, that he was dealing with conflict, but from the post I wrote about – it seemed to have exploded.

I’m glad that Mo is doing well and that he reminded me that some of my posts can be a little crazy too.