Easter Portraits of the Kids

You never know what’s going to happen when you try to take portraits of babies. Throw in the extra unpredictability of kids of any age and it’s a crapshoot whether a photo shoot is going to turn out to be fun with rewarding photos or a series of photos of your children crying.

One thing we have on our side with the studio being in the basement is that we can take photos when the kids are ready, not on a hope and prayer that they’ll be ready when we get to Sears, Target, or wherever people are getting portraits done nowadays. So we started off with easy portraits in the morning on the “Baby Portrait Couch”. Hey, it’s a tradition started with Scarlett!

Then, when the kids were awake again later, we did the studio shots. They were extremely cooperative and only started crying near the end, which is pretty amazing.

After the kids went to go nap, Scarlett and I stayed in the basement so I could use my newly learned Speedlight Gel techniques to get a great purple background behind her. I still need a little practice to get more consistent with it, but one thing I’ve learned is not to trust the back of the camera. This is one of those situations where it’s much, much worse than what you can get with a a proper tone curve in your Raw processor of choice.

Without further ado, enjoy the photos.

Photojojo for Mid April

It’s once again time for my biweekly Photojojo post.  For those of you who haven’t been following my blog for a long time, Photojojo is a digital time capsule service.  Every two weeks they send me an email that has my most interesting photos posted to flickr from one year ago.

I took a long time to publish the previous post, so here we are again.  It’s mostly Scarlett Easter photos.  As I sit here and look at a photo of this year’s Easter photo, it’s pretty awesome to see how much she’s changed.  For one thing, she’s mobile now, so it was a challenge to get her to sit there while we took the photo.  For another, she can actually sit on her own.

Father & Daughter Easter Portrait

Our Family (Easter 2012)

A bit of a Cry

The next photo is from the first day she smiled with intent:

Smile Captured!

This is from those crazy days when we used to have to burp her after her feeds:
Burping Scarlett