Slackware 13 Revisit

In my Slackware 13 review mfillpot gave some suggestions to improve the Slackware experience and I thought I would give them a shot.  First off, changing the init level to 4 to allow KDM to show up instead of this startx business.  I was happy to note that Slackware had emacs.  So many distros have […]

Review: openSolaris 2008.11

At work they were asking us to get familiar with openSolaris for a potential future project.  I’d played with it a few years ago, so I decided to check out the latest version I had.  On of my LXF discs had openSolaris 2008.11 and I figured that while I was checking it out I’d review […]

Shenandoah National Park

Your Browser Doesn’t Support Iframes” Three years ago I was discussing photography with a fellow photographer, pictured below.  We were discussing places for good photography in the DC-Baltimore vicinity and he mentioned Shenandoah Valley.  He also showed me some photos of deer he had gotten there.  He was pretty impressed with how close he got […]

The Unix Ideal

From the time I started listening to podcasts until about two months ago, I had been using Rhythmbox to manage my podcasts.  When I first started using a Linux music application, Banshee ran hideously slow on my computer.  (As did most mono-based products)  As time has passed I’ve acquired a more powerful Linux computer and […]

Review: PCLinuxOS 2009

note:  I started writing this months ago when I did the installation and now I am finishing up by looking at the installed distro. PCLinuxOS started as an extra set of packages for Mandriva.  Interesting because Mandriva originally started as a KDE version of Red Hat.  Eventually, it became its own distro.  It became very, […]

Review: Zenwalk 6.0

Back in Nov of 2008 I checked out Zenwalk 5.2 and a recent LXF contained Zenwalk 6.0 – so let’s see what has changed.  It loads up with the usual Kernel messages going past on the screen.  The first screen for the installation hasn’t changed one bit from Zenwalk 5.2. Once again, as before, I […]

Review: Debian 5: Lenny

Debian…the father and grandfather of many a Linux distro.  I think indirectly Debian is probably running on more computers than any other Linux distro.  It’s the basis of Ubuntu, Mepis, Xandros, and many others.  And many people use Debian where they need a nice, stable distro.  The fact that Debian’s stable releases come out every […]

Review: Nova Linux 1.1.2

I recently heard that Cuba had created their own Linux distribution, Nova.  Like many other countries with a rocky relationship with the USA (Russia, China, Iran), Cuba is wary of running their entire computer infrastructure on software developed in the USA.  As someone of Cuban ancestry, this development piqued my interested and I decided to […]

Review: Crunch Bang Linux 8.10

(ed note:  I actually ended up reviewing Crunch Bang Linux 8.10.02 due to a problem with my 8.10 disc) I discovered Crunch Bang Linux (#!) through Linux Outlaws.  Fab kept talking about how awesome it was.  Then more and more podcasts and people on the tubes started talking about it.  So I wrote to Linux […]

Review: openSuse 11.1

After reading through LXF, I tried loading openSuse 11.1 with the failsafe settings and it worked in VirtualBox.  So I’ll now be reviewing openSuse 11.1.  Here’s the screen as it booted up. and after it loads up, it gives a nice explanatory screen. So I last looked at openSuse 11.0 in Aug 2008.  I’m not […]

Review: Fedora 10

This month’s Linux Format Magazine includes Fedora 10.  I upgraded to Fedora 10 a few months ago via a yum upgrade.  I started by looking at Xfce as I’ve been using Xfce non-stop ever since starting “I’m Not Mad” in November.  Xfce is much lighter than Gnome and I’m able to use Blender more effectively.  […]

Adobe Lightroom Initial Reaction Review

For quite some time I’ve been been struggling with the point of Adobe’s Lightroom.  Other than competing with Apple’s Aperture, it appears not to have a purpose.  Of course, right around the time Lightroom (LR) was hitting its stride, I stopped reading photography magazines.  The zine I loved the most was a British one published […]