No, Florida, No.

Apparently my old stomping grounds of Ft Lauderdale have passed an ordinance making it illegal to feed the homeless. WTF, Florida? Anyone who is active in church should be fighting this with civil disobedience. They can’t arrest all of you!

Humanity Has Truly Changed Very Little

Yesterday I read through the intro of Don’t Know Much About Mythology. It posited that one possible reason for myths was for the rich to control the poor. I thought, “Yeah. Makes sense back then with their god-kings, but we’re smarter now.” Then I thought about American politics and realized nothing has changed over the […]

Guess What? Linux May Not Be for Everyone

I feel like I may have covered bits of this here and there, but I couldn’t find it after a cursory check through my blog.  Fanaticism is fanaticism, whether it’s religious or technological it follows the same path.  Witness anyone who has just become an evangelical Christian (and it probably extends to other religions) as […]

Is it Obsolete? Evangelism

Welcome to my new series where I wonder if some concepts and technologies are now obsolete thanks to our new paradigms and technologies.  Today’s topic – evangelism. Short term readers of my blog will think I only write about Linux and technology.  Long term readers will know that I’m a Christian.  I was brought up  […]

How Long *were* They in the Garden?

If you take the Biblical story of Adam and Eve literally (as opposed to figuratively or allegorically) there is one possible explanation for the world as science sees it that I’ve never, ever heard anyone propose. This shocks me as it seems to be a convenient answer that fits with the science. The Bible tells […]

Certainty and its effect On Wars

In “Things that Shouldn’t Make Me Happy“, Scott Adams hits on one of the most poignant things I’ve read in a while. For a humorist, he has been making some amazing points recently. If you think about it, wars are generally fought because of a false sense of certainty. Usually some leader thinks he is […]

Sacrifices and other Old Testament Rituals

I’m reading through Leviticus right now and boy is it tough going. The entire Biblical narrative has come to a complete halt as rule after seemingly arbitrary rule is spelled out. And the killer is the repitition. Instead of lumping twenty offenses together and saying, for all of these the punishment is X, it lists […]

In Mohammad We Trust?

This news is a few weeks old, but I’m behind on my “Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me” podcasts. However, a congressman said that we have to be really careful with dealing with Iraq and Iran (meaning bomb the stuffing out of them) or else our money may one day read, “In Mohammad We Trust.” Hey […]