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  • Singing the Lesbian Blues

    This article explores a side of the blues I never knew existed. Apparently there was certain degree of openness about lesbian blues singers when it was indie that I wouldn’t have expected to find in 1920s America (as well as hidden via slang and double-entendre references to lesbianism)

  • Maybe it *is* genetic?

    John Waters was on NPR to talk about his new book, Role Models.  In the course of talking to Terry, he mentioned dealing with people with Alzheimer’s.  He asked a friend of his, a nurse who works with Alzheimer’s patients – “People forget who their family is, what they did that day or even five minutes […]

  • What’s Going on with Republicans?

    Recently I was listening to Fresh Air’s interview with David Weigel.  The occasion was a book he had written about how the Republicans are shifting what their party is about.  Frankly, I’m a bit concerned.  The party seems to be less and less about small government and big business and more and more about courting […]