Listening Trends 2014 Q4

1. Five Iron Frenzy (147 listens) – Many of these came from me continuing to go through my collection in alphabetical order.
2. I Fight Dragons (102 listens) – IFD’s Kickstarter album finally came out. I really like it a lot. I’ve been listening to the B side more than the song cycle, but that’s mostly because those are more easily listened to here and there while the song cycle is best heard all at once.
3. Anberlin (98 listens) – Tried to listen to a bunch of Anberlin to get ready for their farewell concert.
4. Fantastic Plastic Machine (71 listens) – Also from the alphabetical listen.
5. Fall Out Boy (63 listens) – Partly from the alphabetical listen and partly from Scrobbles from Spotify of their new singles.
6. Final Fantasy (Soundtracks) (50 listens) – from the alphabetical listens.
7. Edith Piaf (44 listens) – from the alphabetical listens. I’d completely forgotten we had a bunch of her music. We used to listen to it more often.
7. Doctor Octoroc (44 listens) – from the alphabetical listens. I really don’t like the albums anymore.
9. Willy Chirino (43 listens) – Mostly from listening to his great Christmas album. The only Spanish-language Christmas album I have.
10. Relient K (41 listens) – I felt nostalgic for some Relient K. Still love the earlier stuff.
11. DC Talk (40 listens) – While I still like some of the songs, others have not aged well.
12. Dj CUTMAN (39 listens) – I just love these remixes.
13. Celia Cruz (38 listens) – Put on some Celia because Scarlett really likes to dance to salsa.
14. Elvis Presley (35 listens) – Going through my collection of #1s.
15. Taylor Swift (32 listens) – Danielle got the new album and, unsurprisingly for Ms Swift, it’s quite catchy.


Total Songs (in my collection): 15474 (Up from 15303) – even less of an increase than before, but I haven’t been focusing on getting new music.

Total Artists:4562 (up from 4526) – again, only a few new ones.

Total Albums:3521 (up from 3496) – mostly one per artist, I think.

Average Songs Per Album: 4.39 (up from 4.38)

Average Songs Per Artist: 3.39 (up from 3.38)

Total Scrobbles at End of Quarter: 83632

Total Scrobbles for this Quarter:3093 – a lot higher than before.