Infinity on High is Worth the Money

Often the biggest gripe people have about CDs is that they are two or three hit singles packaged with a bunch of crap to justify selling it to you for $12 or more. I’ve felt that way many, many times. The phenomenon is a large part of the reason behind models like iTunes. In fact, the record companies STILL don’t get it – that’s why they offer you a discount if you buy the whole album vs the singles. One day they’ll learn that artists should only release their good songs. People will buy them a la carte.

“Infinity on High”, the latest Fall Out Boy album, is a MAJOR exception to this rule. I’ve listened to the album a ton since my wife bought it last week. Don’t believe me? Check out my page! This doesn’t even capture the music I listen to at work. The CD has 14 tracks and I think I really like 12 of them! I haven’t liked this many tracks off of one CD in a while. It’s a rare thing to have a CD jam-packed with great songs. These songs have been in my head all day long!

If you only buy one CD this year (and download the rest), buy Fall Out Boy and help them get the recognition they deserve on this particular album!