Top 200 Photos: #111

What happens in Vegas gets captured by Eric, put on flickr, and ends up on his Top 200 Photos!

photo #111 is:
Gambling at the Pussycat Dolls Area in Caesars

After years of trying, I finally got work to pay for me to attend Blackhat. It was happening at Caesar’s Palace and I booked my room early enough to get a rate within what work was willing to pay. So when the conference wasn’t going on (early in the morning or late at night), I’d wander the Casino looking for photographic opportunities. At that time, 2008, they had a gambling area that was Pussycat Dolls themed. Basically that involved everything being pink, dealers in more modern clothes, and a go-go dancer in lingerie. Oh, and I think they had pop music playing, but I don’t remember if they did or not.

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