Top 200 Photos: #183

Back to NYC in this installment of the Top 200 Photos.

photo #183 is:

In March 2002 I went to NYC for the second time in my life.  It was exciting for so many reasons.  I was meeting my girlfriend’s parents for the first time and I was going to one of the biggest cities in the world.  I’d been to NYC once before as part of a college trip up the east coast, but we only got to spend one day there.

This photo was from my first time going into a Chinatown anywhere.  Now, Danielle and I make a point of visiting the local Chinatown everywhere we go – London, Washington DC, and Hawaii, for example.  I was fascinated by the bilingual signs, the crowded sidewalks overflowing with people and goods, and the blatant selling of bootleg goods.  Let’s just say that New Yorkers are unaffected when Kazaa or Grokster are shuttered.  Whenever we go into The City for an extended period of time, Chinatown often emerges as the answer to, “What’ll we do for lunch (or dinner)?”