Update on the 365 Project

Day Forty-Two:  It was Mrs. White in the Guest Room with the Wrench

I first mentioned my participation in the 365 project back in May.  Ever since then I’ve gone back and forth between filler photos and some of my best creative work.  I’ve been trying as much as possible to explore different techniques and try to be as creative as possible.  Here are my best shots since May.

Day Forty-Seven:  The Escape

Day Fifty-Five:  Out on a Stormy Day

Day Seventy-Six:  So, if gays get married this will no longer mean anything?

Day Eighty-Six:  This is for you, Mai

Day Eighty-Seven:  Drop and Give me 20!

Day Ninety-Four:  I Sometimes Scare Myself

Day One Hundred:  Voyeurism

Day One Hundred Eleven:  Star Jump

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