Jen’s Wedding Part 3: The Ceremony

This happens later, but it was a great photo to open with

And so the ceremony began, starting with the couples approaching the aisle. I was able to get some great shots because I was using both my Rebel XT and Rebel XTi with the EF 28-105mm (and the lens hood to help mitigate lens flare) on one camera and the Tamron 55-200mm on the other.  This allowed me to get close up shots no mater where the subjects happened to be standing.

Groomsman and Bride's Maid 1

Groomsman and Bride's Maid 2

"My turn?"

"Go!  It's your turn to go!"
The kids needed some prompting to know when to go

Running to Get Into Place
Then they rushed to get to the right spot

Jen and Her Father Walking Towards the Aisle

The Groomsmen

Laughing at How Joe and Jen Met
The Cantor told the story of how Joe and Jen met at a club

The Story of Joe and Jen at the Church

Jen Offers the Wine to Joe

Crashing the Center of Attention
Jen's niece decided she was bored and wanted to walk around a bit

Stepping on the Glass

Off to Take Photos
And so the ceremony ended and the time came for photos.

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