Jen’s Wedding Part 1: The best camera is the one you have with you

Quaker Neck Landing (bw)
The Entrance to the Wedding Location

Our good friend Jennifer Bonass got married a couple weekends ago.  The wedding was out in Chestertown, Maryland – out near Ocean City.  Since there’s only one bridge to get there, we left early to make sure we’d get there on time.  We got there insanely early (1-1.5 hours early) so I decided to take some photos of the setup to pass the time.  Turned out to be a great thing I was there early because the official photographer was with Jen and they were at another location so I was the only one to get these shots.  Here are some of my favourites.

The Area for the Ceremony and some Rain Clouds
The couple took a huge gamble having an outside wedding. Whether or not the weather cooperated depends if you're an optimist or pessimist.

The Versatile Program
Sicne the wedding was outside, the program doubled as a fan

The Cantor and Priest Go over the Ceremony
Jen and Joe had an interfaith wedding, so the priest and cantor had to get their schedules lined up

Getting a Closer Look Alone
I kept myself entertained by photographing Jen's nieces and nephews. Kids are awesome to photograph.

Table Boxes filled with M&Ms emblazoned with Joe and Jen's name
Instead of place cards they used place boxes filled with M&Ms emblazoned with their names.

A little Soft Shoein' To Pass the Time
Once again, small children being uber-cute

Joe and Groomsman Bring out the Umbrellas and Ponchos
Joe bought dozens of umbrellas and over 100 ponchos in case it rained during the ceremony.

Joe Signs the Jewish Marriage Certificate
I was very honored to be asked by Joe to take the photos of him (and others) signing the marriage certificates. The official photographer wasn't around so the Cantor said I was therefore now "the best we had".

Eric Jokes About Signing in the Bridal Slot
Eric, the best man, jokes about signing in the bride's spot. According to the Cantor it happens all the time. Some people become mortified at having done so.

Joe's now "officially" married.  But Jen would kill him if he now skipped the ceremony.
Joe shows off the signed Hebrew Marriage Certificate.

Who Says the Two Faiths Can't Get Along?
With the ceremony only minutes away, Jen wasn't there yet and it had started to rain. Would rain ruin the wedding? Would the ponchos and umbrellas be needed? Find out next time….