Jen’s Wedding Part 2: Jen’s Creative Entrance

Jen and the Bride's Maids Appear on the Lake
Jen appears from across the lake

Jen was no where to be found at the wedding location because she was actually across the lake for her grand entrance.  None of the guests at the wedding knew about this so everyone was very excited.  I went on to the docks to photograph her entrance.

Going to Meet the Boat
Off to meet their respective Bride's Maids

Jen's Brother on the end of the Dock
Coming in Closer

Jen Peeking Out
As the boat nears the dock, Jen peers out from behind

Jen Watching the Other Girls Get Off
Jen watched all the other girls come up before her.

Ring Bearer and His Grandfather
Jen's father speaking with his grandson, the Ring Bearer

This is it...
Joe stood there nervously awaiting his bride.