My First 10 Photos on Flickr

I wanted to see how I’ve changed as a photographer so I went to my first ten photos uploaded to flickr.  The two biggest changes are that I am now really into portrait photography (although mostly natural portraits) and not quite as much into photoshop.  My first two pages are mostly photoshop-manipulated photos.  The next ten or so pages are photos documenting my life.  I got to do some exciting stuff like going to NYC for the second time (but with a lot more time to look around) and also was busy documenting my life as a college student.  I’m still into documenting my life and activities I participate in, but I’ve become more sophisticated in my techniques.  I now know about shutter speed, aperture, and ISO and I strive to use them to get the best photos I can.  I came to appreciate light and how it can work for and against the composition.  I also learned when to use flash and when it’s useless.  Before I thought no one would want to see an unaltered photo, hence the focus on the photoshopped photos.  Then I looked through photography books and learned about street photography and documentary photography.  I’ve grown quite a bit from the old days and here’s the proof.

All Roads Lead to Manhattan

Beach Terrorist II

Central Park in July

Bluring of Time 4

Clearwater Beach I

Columbus Day Protest

Do Not Disturb w signature

Peking's Parking

Inner Dialoge (in Turmoil)

The Q Rolls In