flickr Top 40 Evolution

While finishing up my photographic bio, I was copying and adapting my introduction from my flickr Top 40 book.  So I decided to see how the top ten photos in my flickr Top 40 have changed in the past three years.


Original Rank: 1
Current Rank: 5
Original Views:  455
Current Views:  1881
Camera: Kodak DX3600

The Impression Left On Me by the Offspring of Euler

Original Rank: 2
Current Rank: 6
Original Views: 412
Current Views: 2150
Camera: Fujifilm Finepix S7000

Reflections of Love #42

Original Rank: 3
Current Rank: 9
Original Views: 298
Current Views: 1504
Camera: Fujifilm Finepix S7000

Cayuga Lake

Original Rank: 4
Current Rank: 19
Original Views: 294
Current Views: 918
Camera: Kodak DX3600

How the Ad Industry Sees Us

Original Rank: 5
Current Rank: 24
Original Views: 283
Current Views: 834
Camera: Kodak DX3600

Slope Day 9

Original Rank: 6
Current Rank: 67
Original Views: 204
Current Views: 472
Camera: Kodak DX3600

snow at court

Original Rank: 7
Current Rank: 27
Original Views: 185
Current Views: 764
Camera: Fujifilm Finepix S7000

The Masks We Wear

Original Rank: 8
Current Rank: 86
Original Views: 170
Current Views: 397
Camera: Fujifilm Finepix S7000

"I like my women like I like my coffee..."

Original Rank: 9
Current Rank: 57
Original Views: 164
Current Views: 515
Camera: Kodak DX3600

Inner Dialoge (in Turmoil)

Original Rank: 10
Current Rank: 136
Original Views: 154
Current Views: 313
Camera: Kodak DX3600


Only two of those are still in the top 10.  The rest have been supplanted by my newer photos.  I think this is partly because people are not likely to come across my much older photos.  And it’s also partly because my photography has improved since then so people are more attracted to my better work.  It’s a fun bit of a travel to the past looking at these photos.

One response to “flickr Top 40 Evolution”

  1. They’re still great shots, even though you’ve improved a lot since then. Keep up the good work.