Hawaii Day 4

I think I've Been Spotted
Trying to do a candid shot, you can sometimes get spotted

In yesterday’s post I mentioned how I overcame my shyness and it led to a good picture. That doesn’t mean I stopped taking candid photos. I wonder what she thought when she saw the camera pointed her way. Afterwards I shot some photos of the guy with a million balloons who happened to be passing by in the photo above. Did she think I was aiming for him? Because that was my intention – for her to think that. Although, I did want a photo of him too. I ended up taking about four and this was the best one.

Fall Out Boy aren't the only ones that can have long and irrelevant titles attached to their artwork
Getting ready to fly away like in Pixar's "Up"

I think passed by this guy who I featured yesterday. He was setting up. It was great to get a photo of him setting up because it’s such a rare moment in the street performer’s day.

Getting Ready for Work
Getting ready for work

Then again, I spoke with this guy and was able to get him to pose with his funny sign. I’ve seen similar signs before on the net, but not in person. I guess it’s the best way to deal with his situation in a light manner.

Help An Important Cause
Dealing with poverty with humour

Just like the shot with the ska metal guy getting ready for work, I was happy with this shot because I thought it was really neat to see a street worker in a moment away from his entertainment and hawking.

What they do when they're not sketching
What they do when no one's around
Hawaii Sunset
Just one of many beautiful sunset photos I took in Hawaii

As I mentioned before, I was going to get a good sunset photo in Hawaii and I was able to here. Click on that photo to see other sunset photos I took because if I included them here, the post would be way too long. Let’s just say it was fruitful – I was able to fill up an entire 1 GB memory card with photos from the sunset.

I also walked all the out to this part at the base of Diamond Head. There were tons of people there playing all kinds of sports and even doing yoga.

Diamond Head, Flat Trees, and Palm Trees
Diamond Head in the Park
Yoga to Keep the Mountain Happy
Yoga in front of Diamond Head