The Final Linux Review (For Now?)

All good things come to an end.  In this specific case I’ve decided to end my tenure reviewing Linux distros.  Being a home owner consumes a lot more of my time than being a renter.  Doing a quality distro review takes a lot of time – usually at least 2 – 4 hours.  And so it was that I came to decide I’d rather spend my time on the hobby I enjoy most – photography.  Also, I’ve grown bored with Linux.  Not that I’m giving up on running Linux on my computers.  But it just doesn’t excite me as it once did.  I’m strongly considering letting my Linux Format Magazine subscription lapse.  It was a tough decision because 90% of my blog’s traffic comes from Linux reviews.  But, with only so much time in the day, I’d rather just work on my photography.  So, very likely, this will be my last Linux review unless I get into it again.  I will still probably be blogging about Linux and technology, I just won’t be doing any full-blown reviews.  The big exception would be if I installed a new distro on one of my machines.