This show is not very good, at least not based on the pilot. I’ll be shocked if people get into the show. Basically, it looks like the creators said, “How can we make a Tv show about race relations and not make it about race?” “I know, let’s make the non-whites be cavemen.” It’s so uncreative. So the show starts off with the cavemen watching the news and a caveman robs a liquor store. The others comment that it only makes the news when it’s a caveman. One of the main cavemen is dating a rich white girl. She invites him to a country club and they have a hard time getting in. People ask them if they should be catering or cutting the grass. It all seems pretty lame and unoriginal. If it were any other minority than cavemen, people would be saying, “do we really need this in 2007?” Sounds like something from the 1960s or 70s. But maybe I’m just being too harsh.

The music is pretty awesome, though.