Vimeo Introduces Channels

One long standing request on the Vimeo forums was for Vimeo to adopt some features from flickr; namely sets and groups. Well, Vimeo decided to mix it up and create a hybrid all their own. Dubbed Channels, they are an interesting mechanism. A user creates a channel and then the user can add his own videos to that channel as well as the videos of anyone else he thinks matches the channel criteria. So it’s like a set, but you can add others so it’s like a group, but only you are allowed to add in videos. I think it’s annoying that only the channel moderator can add new videos. However, I do like a lot of the extra features they added such as blogs and RSS feeds. I’ve wanted a way to blog within vimeo about vimeo-specific things that were just way too specific to mention in this blog.

So here are the channels I created:

Computer Animation
djotaku’s general videos