So, I have all of my videos on I like them better than youtube because of their focus. Vimeo is very community oriented and they put a huge emphasis on original content. Vimeo is where I go to see new, neat videos like the stuff that Remmy is doing. Youtube is where I go if I missed The Colbert Report. Recently I put up my animations, “Jose’s Dinner” and “Shrodinger’s Cat”. However, they don’t seem to be getting a lot of views compared to my other videos. “Jose’s Dinner” has 134 views and “Shrodinger’s Cat” has 134. Most of my other videos have 2 – 4 times as many views.

Today I was reading Animation magazine and saw an advertisement for After checking them out, I was left wondering, “Why didn’t I know about this?!?!” This is the perfect site for my animation. It also has a lot of the things I wish Vimeo had, such as groups. Also, they seem to have a lot better stuff in the form of listing software used and other such things. They are really neat!

So I’ve decided horses for courses. I will not abandon vimeo, but will use them for my regular videos while I will primarily focus on promoting my animation on And I’ll still post my animation on vimeo, but I won’t worry too much about it. Now it’s time for the real test. I am currently uploading “Jose’s Dinner” and then will upload “Shrodinger’s Cat” – let’s see how long it takes to reach the same number of views as Vimeo and perhaps surpass it. I’m also very, very interested in seeing if “Shrodinger’s Cat” will be encoded with much better quality than on Vimeo. I’m extremely disappointed that it came out so badly since I did it as an HD quality render.

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  1. Hi there DJ Otaku

    Thanks for coming over and hanging out with us at
    We certainly hope you have a great experience. I watched both of your animations (Shrodinger’s Cat and Jose’s Dinner) and I think they are great! We certainly hope to see more great animation from you in the future.

    Keep on Rockin!
    Paul Ford
    President and Co-Founder

    PS – Dont forget – You can embed your anims anywhere that will allow it in three different sizes.

  2. Paul,

    It’s awesome to get a comment from you here. It’s nice to see that you care and take the time to see the new additions to the site.

    I really like a lot and I hope to share my annoyances with your tech team so that we can make it the absolute best site available on the net for cartoons.

  3. Just discovered with that blog and it’s a great site!!

    One comment about what you said “Recently I put up my animations, “Jose’s Dinner” and “Shrodinger’s Cat”. However, they don’t seem to be getting a lot of views compared to my other videos”

    Well, Vimeo is a very cool, strange site where you can have the best video ever and maybe nobody watchs it! Because there is no rating system which makes that you get famous automotically! So I personnaly do not care too much about the “views number”…

  4. Yeah, glad to have helped you find

    As far as not caring about the views number, it’s not that I want to have the highest views or something. It’s just that the more views I have, the more people that have seen my work. After all, that is the whole point of creating stuff and putting it out there – for people to see.