is pretty awesome!

What makes so awesome is the fact that they truly do care about their users. Due to what I wrote about my experiences with my “Shrodinger’s Cat” video on their site, I’ve had their lead web support guy email me and we’re actively working on the problem right now. That and getting the comment on my blog from the President is pretty sweet. I’m very happy with this experience as it shows they truly care and are truly working towards having the best animation site on the net. It’s like being in involved in an open source project where they accept your constructive criticism as input towards improving the product instead of something that needs to be swept under the rug.

Views-wise, my videos are doing pretty well. They’ve got about 30-something views which is in line with other videos uploaded at approximately the same time.

Here’s a really great animation I found by a portuguese animator. It looks like it’s hand drawn, and if it is, that’s a pretty awesome accomplishment. It’s an abstract or conceptual animation – there isn’t a true plot, per se, but it’s pretty neat. Check it out:


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  1. That was GREAT! I loved it! I hadn’t seen that one before…!