We’re back….in a hacked up sort of way

You may have noticed some instability in the blog recently. This is due to the fact that the place where my server is held recently switched to an ISP that blocks port 80 due to the Code Red Virus. As I’ll be moving soon, it didn’t make sense to enter into a contract with a business tier ISP for the server, so I had to do a few hacks to get the server running. A few more hacks this morning allowed me to get the blog working, since the blog kept looking for the old URI and I had to do some creative things with the URI in order to keep the same one working for those of you who have linked to the top level of my blog.

Therefore, you may notice that the links on my blog do not have the same URI as the one listed at the top. This will be fixed when I move (around mid to late September) so don’t link to any of my specific posts or that link will be broken when I change the URI back. For now, just link to http://www.ericsbinaryworld.com/ and that will continue to work. For example in the post right before this one my own link to my post (the “farewell to numa numa” link) doesn’t work right now because it’s in reference to the old link.

I’m just happy that I can continue to post and have my posts read by my readers. I’m just as annoyed by these inconveniences as you are, but I just keep telling myself – it’s just another six weeks, that’s all.