The end is…today (for now)

It has been a wonderful journey with this server. I have been able to be liberated and have my very own server. I am limited only in the space and hardware constraints of the machine. I can have SQL databases, php, and whatever else I wish to support. I have been able to have my own blog, fully customizable in the way that no other is. I have provided space for my friends; Andrew Laine used it to the fullest. That’s why I’m so sad to have to shut it down. But don’t worry! It’s just temporary! I plan to have it back up as soon as I can when I get back to my parent’s house. Then it will run until I move to my job location. After that it should be running for another long period of time.

When I upgrade to a newer machine (hopefully this summer) I plan to add an exciting and new dimension to my server – email hosting. It’s a lot more complicated than website hosting, but it IS doable. I hope to see you all again soon.

2500 people so far this month. Wow…I used to get excited about 200 people visiting.