Making sure video games can be played by the widest group

Ever since a class during my undergrad which mentioned technology that can help make sure the real world is accessible to all folks no matter what their physical limits may be, I’ve been very interested in the topic. It’s led to my interest on web accessibility (although I’m not always perfect when it comes to this blog) as well as in other realms. One of my favorite series from the Game Maker’s Toolkit Youtube channel is his yearly wrap-up on how accessible games were that year. Here is his 2020 video:

This is why the most recent episode of Imaginary Worlds caught my eye. It’s about the recent history of being able to play games while blind and I found the episode fascinating. I’d encourage you to have a listen here. I especially love the section on how Naughty Dog thought they had an awesome product until they invited a blind consultant (for lack of a better word) who explained the way those in the blind community have a wide range of issues with their vision and so do not have a universal set of needs to make sure games are playable.