Review: Hippopotamister

HippopotamisterHippopotamister by John Patrick Green
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I interviewed John Patrick Green at Baltimore Comic-Con 3 years ago.

You can watch it here!

Although I liked the concept behind Hippopotamister, my oldest (the right age for it at the time) didn’t care for it. But now, one of my twins is really into his other series – InvestiGators. Since the second book still isn’t out (I think it comes out at the end of this month), I got them Hippopotamister. It was a huge hit tonight.

What I loved is how Green takes what seems like a silly premise (and some good repetition to get the kids laughing) and actually creates a compelling story that builds up in a way that most kids’ books neglect to do. There are lots of jokes in the pictures for the kids to laugh at as they get older.

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