Book Report 2015 Q2

The list of books loaded into my Barnes and Noble Nook

A mixture of a growing Ebook library, tracking my goals in Goodreads, and Calibre’s ability to generate a catalog have made me decide to start tracking things quarterly in the book dimension as well. Here’s my second report.

Total Ebooks: 417 (increase of 54 books)

Total Unread: 313 (increase of 45 so I’m reading them faster than I can add them…good)

Goodreads 2015 Challenge: 38 of 30 books complete. Last time I went way over. We’ll see what this year brings.

Goodreads Ratings:

5 stars: 8 books

4 stars: 20 books

3 stars: 7 books

2 stars: 3 books

Calibre Generated Stats:

404 authors (up from 314) Authors

414 books (up from 360) Books

44 Series (up from 37) Series

506 tags (up from 462 Tags) (Calibre calls them Genres)