Review: Tiger Eye

Tiger Eye (Dirk & Steele,  #1)Tiger Eye by Marjorie M. Liu
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I set out to see if I could enjoy a romance book. I got this Marjorie Liu book for free from Barnes and Noble in a Friday giveaway. The cover promised a cheesy romance, but I knew going in it was Liu who I loved on X-Men and I knew it was a paranormal romance, to which my wife said “like the movie Ghost?”

It turned out to essentially be like the Robert Ludllum books I read in college while flying home on break, only with better sex scenes (because the two characters in a Ludlum book usually ended up knocking boots). This is a thriller that takes place on two continents with some elements of urban fantasy.

I really liked the story and could see myself reading more of the series. I was invested in the characters and Liu created a compelling universe. Sure, lots of standard romance tropes (the oft-recited ones ) were there: this guy can give her emotionally and sexually what no other man could. She’s an every-woman in looks and he’s a stunner. He’s perfectly chivalrous about sexual acts. But they don’t detract from a good story and, anyway, genre fiction is all about the tropes.

I recently came across an article saying that ereaders are causing a renaissance in erotica and romance because no one can see what you’re reading. That’s definitely the case here (with me) as this cover gives off more of a bodice ripper vibe.

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