Review: Love Hina, Vol. 12

Love Hina, Vol. 12Love Hina, Vol. 12 by Ken Akamatsu
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

The book continues where the last one left off: with Kanako desperate to get intimate (physically and emotionally) with her adopted brother. While not biological incest, I still am not completely comfortable with it. Of course, coupled with the fact that she’s constantly doing what would be considered rapist behavior – impersonating others to get in bed/kiss/etc with him, tying him up, refusing to take “no” as an answer – it’s a bit much.

Interestingly, for MOST of the previous books MOST of the girls denied feeling anything for Keitaro. The exceptions being Kitsune who at least always seemed up for a romp in bed with Keitaro and Shinobu. In this trade basically it’s become Ranma or Tenchi up in this place. Everyone’s implied to essentially be fantasizing about him for their pleasure. The change in dynamic mere serves to frustrate me (and maybe most/all?) readers with Keitaro’s constant torch carrying for the tsundere Naru who doesn’t want him, but doesn’t want others to have him.

Fortunately, by the end she’s made a decision and, unlike previous books, it appears from what they do on the last couple pages that this time she means it.

Two more books to see where Akamatsu takes things. I think this series may cement my thoughts that I’m pretty much going to have to be convinced to read any lovey/dovey manga in the future. Between Ranma and this one, it seems like just WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too much will they won’t they. I’d prefer to have that settled within the first book or two and then focus on how they deal with the relationship and even, gasp, find out they perhaps weren’t right for each other.

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