If you disagree that NYC’s Stop and Frisk program should be ended (or changed),

Read this article about Questlove being stopped repeatedly despite being, well, Questlove!. A few choice quotes:

Questlove said his most recent stop was conducted at the base of the Williamsburg Bridge a few weeks ago following an appearance at the hip venue Brooklyn Bowl. Officers pulled over his driver, shined flashlights into the car and asked him why he was sitting in the back “like a don,” Questlove said. After showing the officers a copy of his new memoir, Mo’ Meta Blues, Questlove said he was let go.

A New York State senator testifying in the recent stop-and-frisk trial said Kelly once told him the practice is intended to “instill fear” among black and Latino youth. Describing the emotional toll that ongoing, baseless stops can have on a person, Questlove said, “I think there’s just a bit of our soul that sort of just melts away when things like this happen.”