Franka Solida III

Franka Solida III

Last time I mentioned my Franka Solida III, I had just had my first roll in my Yashica developed. I mentioned being a bit worried about the fact that I couldn’t tell what was in focus by looking through the viewfinder. Turns out that my fear was founded as I originally thought the units on the lens were ft when they were in fact meters. The results show:

My first Franka Solida III Photo

For my first photo shoot with the camera, I took it to Coney Island at night. I think the results came out amazing considering that I was hand-holding the camera (no tripod) and have not been able to achieve the same effects with my dSLR.

Deno's Wonderwheel

Squaring 3/4 of the Circle

Carnival Game

Overall, it’s a very nice piece of kit. Unfortunately, its 1 second exposure is a bit broken, so I lost a couple exposures on that (a lot on a 12 exposure roll) and some other shots were at the wrong focus setting. I’m a little iffy about using it in situations where I can’t just focus to infinity, but I’ll probably give it another shot next time I order another roll of film.

Day Three Hundred Fifteen:  Meet the Franka Solida III