Moved Things Around

I’m not somewhere between halfway and three-quarters done with fixing the site to align with my new theme. I moved all but the ads to the footer. (No one’s going to pay to not be seen) I actually like the new design philosophy. Why constantly distract the viewer’s eye form your content with links to other posts or other sites. That can be saved for the end. I’m done with this post – now what? Well, what about these links here at the bottom. I might still need to move some of those around.

So I’m not sure what current blog etiquette/design philosophy is – it’s been evolving quite a bit since the last time I changed themes. As I mentioned in a previous post, most blogs don’t have sidebars anymore. So what’s the best thing to do with outside links? With the advent of Facebook and twitter, a lot of people have stopped including those on their blogs. I just did a huge purge of my links – removing people who don’t need me to point out where to find them like Slashdot and the Free Software Foundation. What should I do with the rest of the links remaining, including blogs? I know at least 3 of my regular readers have blogs linked from here. What would feel best to you as a sign of my recommendation of your blogs to others? To leave it there at the footer or to put it in a separate page called “Links” like we used to do in the bad old days of the early Internet. My instinct is that it’s better at the footer because people are more likely to scroll than they are to click on another page (like “Links”). But sometimes my thought processes deviate from the norm quite a bit. Comments?

As an aside (lol – this entire post type is called “aside”) I’m probably going to create a links page anyway for stuff like Hop Stop or Dosbox that doesn’t necessarily need my promotion, but which I would like to have the links available for my own use.