You may have noticed the images overlapping with the right-sidebar. That’s because I tend to write my posts ahead of time and I was expecting to have WordPress 3.6 and the new, wider theme by now. But I’ll keep going things this way because while it might be a bit uglier now, it’ll look nicer in a few weeks when the new theme is finally out.

Additionally, I’m making some changes in my screenshots page to make use of galleries. Hope you find the new method a bit more organized-looking.

3 responses to “Images”

  1. What, you don’t have max-width implemented yet? It’s easy in the CSS:

    max-width: 100%;

    Will force images to stay inside their container (the height scales automagically with the width). Try it out on this post:

    Resize the browser window, the screenshot image stays inside the post boundaries. But note this only works if you have the columns themselves (or whatever container) also width-specified (either with percentages also or even hard pixel definitions).

    • Yeah, it’s a really old theme so it doesn’t have that. Just trying to hold on a bit longer until the the next the version of WP comes out along with the theme I’m planning on switching to.

  2. Now that I’m sitting at my other computer and thinking about it for a minute, I should add: max-width is also an upper boundary only; it won’t make smaller images stretch to fit the container width. In case anybody else was wondering.