Hiking Patapsco

Starting on the Ole Ranger Trail
Love the folksy Trail Name

I’m not traditionally a nature-as-scenery photographer.  I prefer animals and humans.  But on a recent hike through a trail in Papatsco State Park, I took my camera along and captured some of the lightly forested trail.

Tree Destruction for Fame
People love to mess up trees just to leave their mark
The view above in some of the more heavily forested parts
Fallen Tree
Fallen trees were abundant, but most of them were off the trail
Ruins the NATURE Trail
The wife and I went hiking to get away from technology for a while and get some nature. Stuff like this kinda ruined the mood.
Around the Bend
What lies around the bend? More trees….

I definitely prefer for photographs like these to have animals.  It looks so empty and desolate.  But this may just be a consequence of being a suburbanite raised on the Discovery channel.  It’d be pretty boring if they didn’t cut all the footage they had of jungles and savannahs devoid of animals.

The Straight and Narrow
A slight incline near the end.