A Daily Photo

The Fox Sleeps

This fox likes to sleep on a pile of grass in the back yard.  This grass came from the first time I cut the grass after buying the house.  The grass was so tall that it filled the compost unit and there was still too much grass.  I didn’t know at the time we had yard pickup in the neighborhood, so I put it on the edge of my property for nature to do its thing and decompose it.  At first I thought it was working because some mushrooms grew there.  But they were eaten or somehow destroyed after a few days.  Since then I haven’t seen any more mushrooms on there.  It MUST be decaying, but it seems to always be the same size.  A few months ago we first spotted the fox sleeping there.  On the day I took this photo, my wife was home sick and she saw and it called me at work saying it was just lying there.  Hours later it was still resting and I was able to get this photo.  I’m not sure what attracts the fox to the grass.  Is it warm because of decomposition?  Is it just softer than the ground?  Both?  Either way, it’s always a special treat for the fox to show up.

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