Another Reason The Web Rocks

A while back in time (but only two posts ago) I wrote about my first bike ride on the BWI trail. A few days later I got an email on Facebook:

My name is Marty and I happened along your BLOG about biking at the BWI trail. My first time riding the trail was Saturday June 20th and I had the same incident with the bird. Not sure if we did the loop the same way but I was going pretty fast when the bird hit me. It was my first ride in about 10 years, no helmet and I was going pretty fast …………. THOUGHT I WAS GOING TO LOSE IT!!!

Whoa!  So I wasn’t the only one being menaced by this bird!  How did he find me?

Googled – bird attack BWI. That pulled up your blog. I was wondering if anyone else had the “bird incodent.” Really funny that it was my first time on the loop.  …. In the bike shop they knew about the bird and there is actually a warning sign at the site. So to answer your question others have had the same problem.

Apparently there are lots of people menaced by this bird.  Although, to be fair, we’re probably encroaching on her nest.  So, thanks to the web, both Mary and I have learned we were not unique in being attacked.  And, according to my stats, Marty may not be the only one who has Googled that phrase and been redirected to my blog.  So hopefully others can rest assured they aren’t the only ones being targeted by the bird.

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