Eric the distro reviewer?

LXF Issue #91 Letter of the Month

I’ve been reading so much about all these Linux distros and I’ve been curious what they’re all about. In particular, Mandriva’s been calling to me a lot because I think that, had Ubuntu not been around, I probably would have installed it on my laptop. I’ve certainly had a bit of interest in the distro. There’s also all these other strange distros like GOS and Foresight Linux that I everyone’s talking about. I find myself wondering what’s so different or great about these? As you’ve noticed recently, the pendulum on my blog has swung away from Blender and back towards Linux while mostly skipping over politics (there really isn’t much to be said there that hasn’t been said over and over on cable news). So you may notice some more reviews on here.

On an interesting and related note, I must be the sole authority on gNewSense due to the huge amount of people that the search engines have been sending to my blog after searching for gNewSense. Hope my reviews have been helpful.