Ubuntu Girl

This picture appeared in a blog that claims to be a hot girl in a wet ubuntu tshirt because she loves Ubuntu. I say that it claims because the tshirt was photoshopped to have the logo. However, my favorite part are the comments on digg.com. Here are some of my favorites: (reads like a bunch of nerdy pickup lines)

I’d open her source.

Soooo…. If I pretend I’m Ubuntu… can I penetrate that market?

My hard drive just spun up.

I would query her gateway.

i’d let her hardware render my software any day

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2 responses to “Ubuntu Girl”

  1. Thanks for a linkback.

    Comments on Digg are amazing, I totally agree with you. I don’t know is it photoshopped or not, one sure thing there are some Ubuntu t-shirts available, so guess it could be a true picture shoot..

    I’ve noticed you enjoy the terminal, what do you think about the CLI? 😉