Relient K Concert

Relient K Concert in Baltimore, MD

(all of these are pictures of Relient K, even in the sections when I’m talking about other bands)

My wife and I went to the Relient K concert yesterday in Baltimore. We were the oldest people there as I’ve been following them since their first album (which came out around 8-10 years ago), while many of these kids just started listening to them ever since they started getting airplay on Mtv.

Relient K Concert in Baltimore, MD

The opening act, Sherwood, was actually really good. I like them a lot. Their style sounds pretty similar to Relient K. Pretty happy music overall. Some girls in front of us knew every word and were bootlegging the performance on tiny video cameras. I’d buy their CD if I had some extra cash.

Relient K Concert in Baltimore, MD

The second group, Mae, was not so good. At least, I didn’t like them. Unlike the other two groups, they didn’t have the same type of sound and their singer, in my wife’s opinion, couldn’t sing. We took their set as an opportunity to go outside and get some fresh air. It was funny to see all the parents there.

Relient K’s set was awesome. They played about half of the new album and a bunch of old songs. None of the songs from the first album were played, unlike last year’s concert. But that’s bound to happen after 6 CDs. The only song they played from the second CD was “Sadie Hawkin’s Dance”. Everything else was from album 3 and up.

Relient K Concert in Baltimore, MD


3 responses to “Relient K Concert”

  1. I like Mae, but I LOVE RELIENT K. I was at that concert (and I have some pictures, too).
    I’ve also been following them since the beginning so it’s been strange/cool watching them get big.

  2. P.S. I randomly stumbled on this blog when I did a Google Image Search for Relient K.
    P.P.S. This concert was my way of celebrating my 19th birthday last year (it was on May 8, the day before my birthday). It was also the week of final exams. The concert was a Tuesday, I had no exams Tuesday or Wednesday, so I got to go home (my college is in PA) to see them.
    The concert was simply amazing. 😀

  3. Beth,

    Given that I wrote this over a year ago and that I haven’t written all that much about Relient K, I tend to get a TON of people coming hear after Google Image searching for Relient K. I guess there aren’t that many pictures/people blogging about them?

    I’ve also been listening since the beginning (as I mentioned above) so it’s be interesting to see more and more people listening to them and now they’re even getting airplay on MTv and other sites.

    Happy Belated Birthday. Perhaps I’ll “see” you next time I’m in PA for a Relient K concert – they seem to always go to PA and never to Maryland.