Jose’s Dinner is finally complete!!

Thanks to my wife, Danielle, and my brother, Danny, for providing voice talents for the film.

What are you waiting for? Go see it here.

And check back over the next few days, I have some stuff I’ll be adding there.


6 responses to “Jose’s Dinner is finally complete!!”

  1. Now, what did you use to get the lead-in explosion? THAT was cool.

    And what, for the love of Tux, do you need Photoshop + Windows for? What part are you still depending on proprietary software for?

  2. It worked this time. Link string was too long, I guess.

    Anyway, I’se sayin’ dat da way you post your first animated short in the same month I post my first Flash game almost seems like this freaky harmonic convergence, signifying the thirteenth seal and the aligning of the pebbles in my yard and a coming plague of rubber duckies descending from the sky.

    Come to think of it, maybe your comment form was just choking on my barfy prose.


  3. I used photoshop for the effects on the frames in the closing credits (as well as most of the closing credits). I’m sure I could do it with The GIMP, but I wanted to finish already – not learn something from scratch. Windows because I have Blender for Windows and used that to lessen the render load on my free software machines. Also, I put the final thing together in Sony Screenblast on Windows. I wanted to use Cinelerra, but it didn’t have the ability to record the audio as you watch the video and thus have it automagically synced up.

  4. I knew there was something… Sadly, I don’t have experience with video editing software on Linux. I do know that movies have been produced on Linux (the big studios produce on Linux, after all!) otherwise I’d offer to help. But I can kick ass and take names in Gimp…

  5. I think the movie studios use in-house video software. I like Cinelerra a lot, but for this one bit of functionality, it was lacking.