The End is Near [for Jose’s Dinner] (Part 6)

I figured out the reason for the stuttering video – one of my render nodes in the farm had Blender 2.43, while the others had 2.42. Something changed between the two versions that caused the camera to be at a slightly different place. So, don’t mix Blender versions!


6 responses to “The End is Near [for Jose’s Dinner] (Part 6)”

  1. Yah, Blender does seem to jump around from version to version. Pity that old tutorials don’t work for new versions of Blender.

    That’s neat, that you’ve had an animation project going all this time while I’ve been learning Flash (my *other* project, the one that doesn’t stink! 😉 So, when I produced and animation, I reached for POVray and swfc to export to Flash, with a Bash script to run it. If I got that down to a science, I could almost get a general purpose render engine out of it…

    I wonder what would happen if we collaborated on an art project some time? Of course, we’re both so busy I don’t know where we’d get the time…

    By the way, what’s up with your blog’s search box? I tried finding all the posts mentioning “Jose’s Diner” and got no hits for that nor for “jose diner”, even without quotes, and when I tried just the word “diner” without quotes all it gave me was this: song lyrics? It hit on the word dinero.

  2. I think, if you put in your comments what you typed – the reason is that it’s Jose’s Dinner, not diner. I’m not quite ready to mesh up a whole diner. q:o)

  3. The flash stuff is pretty neat. It seems that for every place where Linux is better than Windows (compiz), it’s worse (flash), although that’s due to proprietariness. Then again, the stuff you’re doing and the stuff I’ve read about creating flash on the fly with PHP is pretty neat and I’m sure there isn’t any such thing in Windows since they shun the command line. One more reason not to make Linux TOO MUCH like Windows. I cringe every time someone says it’s time to get rid of the commandline.

    Do they know how much faster my rendering goes because none of the old machines on the render farm are running GUIs?? And for so many commands it’s SOOOO much faster!

  4. dinner, not diner… Oy! I can’t believe I’ve looked at that like three times and not caught it. OK, Dinner, I got it now…

    You like comments; you should promote your site! Like when you post your photography on Flickr or Photobucket, do you link back? Come to that, I can remember some of your series, like the panda ones, that would be a hit on Digg or Reddit.

  5. I think about it every now and then, but then I’m not sure my server could handle that. Not to mention the fact that I’m doing this off a cable modem. q;o)