Jose’s Dinner

Jose’s Dinner is what I am calling my first true animated short film. Unlike “Penguin Flight“, it actually has a plot! A lot a books I’ve read on animation have influenced the production of this short film. Most importantly, I created a 2D animatic – or animated storyboard. It REALLY helped me to get the timings correct and made the process a LOT less frustrating than it was with “Penguin Flight“, where I was always trying to guess how long/how many frames an action should take. As I have no training in animation, my timings might still be a little bit off, but they are MUCH, MUCH better thanks to the animatics!

I’ve also done another suggestion which is to overlay my 3D renders over the animatic as I finish up different parts. The result is like when you watch the special features section of a Disney movie. They show the film start off animated as in the final film, then it goes to color pencils, and finally to story boards. I’m pretty happy with the results so far.

I started on 4 April 2007 and have worked on it here and there. I haven’t worked on it every day since then. If you look at the dates on the file saves you’ll see that I tend to work in bursts. The most productive was last weekend at my in-law’s house. My goal is to be done by the end of this summer, but I could easily be done by the end of May or June if I worked hard enough on it. Here’s to hoping I don’t eat my words. q;o)

This should be the first animation I create with the Dr Queue renderfarm software if I can get it setup.

I’m looking for someone to provide music for me. Here’s the posting I put up on

I’m working on a short computer animated cartoon – it’s about 30-40 seconds long before adding in the titles and credits. I’m looking for someone to provide music in the same genre as the classic Looney Tunes.

It would have to be publishable at least under Creative Commons: ShareAlike-NoCommercial-Attribution. It could be less restrictive, ShareAlike, if you want, but it cannot be more restrictive.