Fox News Racist Bastards

First they release news that Barack Obama went to school in a madrassa in Indonesia. When CNN decides to do some research and proves that it’s just a public school, Fox comes out and shows their anti-muslim racism outright.

From we get this transcript:

GIBSON [W]hat did they see when they went to the madrassa where Barack Obama went to school?

HOST: Kids playing volleyball.

GIBSON: Playing volleyball, right. They didn’t see them in any terrorist training camps?


GIBSON: No. Um, but they probably didn’t show them in their little lessons where they’re bobbing their heads and memorizing the Koran.

WTF is that? They didn’t show them bobbing their heads and memorizing the koran? How much more racist can you get! First of all, he’s being disrespectful. How would he react if someone said, “in that Christian school they didn’t show them sitting up and down and reciting the Bible” and then equating it to terrorism. Because first he asks if there are any terrorist camps and then askes about the Koran – as if every muslim was a terrorist. This is complete BS! Every time I think I know how racist Fox News is, they just push it to another level.


2 responses to “Fox News Racist Bastards”

  1. How much more racist can who get? Mainstream media said nothing when Condaleeza Rice was compared to aunt jemima. Hillary’s camp is the one digging into Obama’s past. Teddy Kennedy is the one who called him Osama. BTW, it’s a fact thaqt many madrassas in this country and elsewhere are nothing more than preachers of hate and intolerance for everything except islam. Maybe you should be questioning why Hillary thought it was important for the madrassa thing to be out in the open.

  2. Hilary, eh? I guess the evil, blood-sucking, mud-slinging politics have begun.

    However, Obama did NOT go to a madrassa, but a regular public school. And, even if he DID go to a madrassa, what are they saying? That he’s al qaeda under cover? That we’ll elect him and then he’ll blow up the US or something?