Scott Adams makes great points about the government…

In this post, Scott Adams mentions some of his dissapointment with our goverment. The key three paragraphs to his post were:

Recently our so-called Speaker of the House was meeting with the Syrian government while our so-called Vice President was on Rush Limbaugh’s radio show reminding the world that the so-called Speaker of the House doesn’t speak for the United States in foreign policy. Foreign policy is the job of the so-called President who doesn’t speak to governments that don’t already agree with him.

Today I read that the Defense Department is releasing a report that there was no link between al-Qaeda and Iraq, at the same time that so-called Vice President Cheney was repeating his mantra that there was indeed a link. My tax dollars paid for all of that. I don’t think I got my money’s worth.

Meanwhile, the Democrats are poised for a big win during the next election based on their excellent track record of doing nothing for years. Doing nothing might not sound like a good strategy to you, but if you compare it to what happens when the government actually does something, you can make an argument.

The best thing about the post is that it shows how things seem to have gone so horribly wrong with out government processes. Even since the 11 Sept attacks, our government has been SO polarized first with the Republicans falling backwards trying to convince us they had a monopoly on patriotism. This led to the current situation we have where the Democrats won’t do anything constructive because they’re too darned busy opposing everything the Republicans like. Even when the Republican position makes sense – the Democrats have to do the opposite. I’m convinced that if tomorrow Bush said, “What a beautiful blue sky we have,” that the Democrats would have a press release about how the sky is actually red. How did they win the 2006 elections? By being non-Republicans. Any party could have won – assuming we had a system that was fair to a multiparty (more than 2) system.

Additionally, this points out the audacity this administration has that they continue to say things that are false. Seriously, someone needs to open up Robot Cheney and insert a new tape because the whole Iraq-Qaeda thing is getting old. Either that or he knows something the PENTAGON doesn’t – and that doesn’t speak well for our government either! Seriously, I can’t wait until 2008 where we can shuffle everyone out of there and perhaps get some semblance of a working government back!