“Don’t Tase Me Bro!”

As you know, a student was tasered at UF a few days ago. I hadn’t written anything about it until now because I wanted to get some details from my brother who matriculates there. Before I get to his info, I just want to say that this incident has shown why video is important in news. Anyone who, like me, saw the video thought the kid deserved to be tasered. Why? The kid, who had the smirk of a self-entitled jerk as he stepped up to the podium, was clearly resisting arrest. When the police detained him, he pushed them away and broke free. He then pumped his hands in the air victoriously, although this was cut short by the police catching him again. He continued to push and shove the cops until they finally tasered him. You don’t want to listen to the cops, that’s what happens. But the people who only read about the tasering though that it was undeserved. Undoubtedly those written bits of news left out the way he was acting, the look on his face, and the shoves against the cops.

Now, here’s what my brother said, which gives further evidence that he was acting like a total jerk and needed a few volts pumped into him:

It was a stupid kid who comiendo mierda. He even has a website where there’s videos of him doin stupid stuff.

John Kerry came to our school to give a speech. So he gave his camera to his friend n said “Make sure to get this” and then he got up n asked a question. I don’t know what it was, but he kept on pushing, and trying to cause an uproar by everyone there, legally defined as “enticing a riot”. so the uf police asked him to leave, which just made him act stupider. So eventually after trying to get him to leave, they told him that he was under arrest and they tried to handcuff him, but he resisted, so now he was “resisting arrest”. Then they finally pinned him to the floor, and he tried to convince them that if they let him go he’ll leave, but at this time, they already said “you are under arrest” so it was too late. Then they still hand problems cuffing him, so they said “if you don’t stop resisting, we will have to taser you”. and then the kid starting screaming “don’t taser me” and still kept resisting, so they tasered him, cuffed him, and booked him. OH, and when they got him to the care, he was quoted saying “i’m not mad at you guys, u were just doin his job”.

SO all in all he was purposefully making a scene, and i think it became bigger than he anticipated it would. There were then protests on campus the following day, and people are selling shirts that say “don’t taser me”. so now it’s globally known, n uf even gets phone calls from london to tell they how they are disgusted with them. etc etc

btw, 2 of the cops were tiny women and definately could not out power the 6 foot tall andrew meyer

So you see, this guy likes to generally act like a jerk. On his website he’s shown at a Harry Potter event holding a sign that reads “Harry Dies”.

Also, I found out from my brother today that the UF police are totally handling this in the right way. There was a protest outside the police station and the cops gave them all complaint forms to fill out. After that, they didn’t see what they should do. Someone thought it would be funny to call in and say, “I love tasering college kids, where can I apply for a job?” Instead of hanging up the phone, the cop gave him the URL to the HR page for hiring. I hope the cops get cleared because this guy is definitely a jerk who wasn’t raised right. His parents are even suing – even though he provoked the whole event.


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