And now for something completely different…

While browsing Andrew’s pagethis post of funny news stories. The one I thought was the best was the one about Chairman Mao doing weddings. I went ahead and checked out the yahoo news story he linked to and I thought it was quite an interesting story. Apparently, there is a guy who looks exactly like the late Chairman and he performs at weddings for 500 yuan. I guess that’s the key difference between the way a communist/despotic country is run when compared to a democracy. Apparently people there idolize this guy enough that they would love to have him speak at their wedding. Could you imagine someone dressing up as George Washinton and performing at your wedding?

“I cannot tell a lie, this couple was meant to be together.”

Yeah, I can’t see it either! But I thought I’d share the news story with all the sad/devastating news that’s been going on recently with the hurricanes and Carl Rove. Speaking of Carl Rove – I heard on the news that when he was a young boy, he was beat up by a girl who was a democrat because he had a Republican party sticker on his bike. So that’s why he hates the dems so much!