Yay, It’s March!

Alright, It’s 1 March so it’s time to break out the shorts and tank tops! No? Oh yeah, Ithaca is too far away to get the memo that it’s March so today I looked out and saw all this snow. In fact, it was actively snowing when I looked out the window. When I got in my car to go buy Bambi for my fiancee (it came out on DVD today) and drove to Best Buy, I was taken aback at how beautiful the snow looked. Since it was early in the morning, it hadn’t been soiled by cars driving over it or plows pushing dirty snow around. I resolved to take my camera out with me when I walked to class. It turned out that you just get a very different image from the snow on campus than you do from the snow in the mountain roads leading to the mall. I have decided to include some of the pictures I took today. Enjoy.

Poor seeds...hang on....
These poor seeds remained on the tree through
the whole winter – if they can just wait a few more weeks

Rebel Base on Ice Planet Hoth
Darth Vader, I have found the Rebel Base on
the Ice Planet Hoth. Please don’t make me an admiral…

Ho Plaza
It’s very rare to see something so beautiful and
so depressing at the same time

It’s not a mirage….it never ends

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One response to “Yay, It’s March!”

  1. Very nice pics. I see that you almost know how to use your 12 megapixel (hmph!) camera. 🙂