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March Winter Snows - 01


When people find out that I’m from Florida ask me how I’m dealing with winters in Maryland, I just smile and tell them that I went to university in Ithaca, so no Maryland winter can compare with what I’ve seen. Cornell tends to be in perpetual winter from December until March. I think the lack of sun is part of what contributes to the low spirits of so many students. I didn’t mind the snow in January and February so much – after all, that’s winter. But when it snowed in March or April, it just made me feel as though this would be the year where winter never ended.

In this photo I’m approaching Ho Plaza, the most iconic part of Cornell. The student union, student book store, bell tower, and two libraries are situated on Ho Plaza. They say during the tours that every student passes by it at least once per day. But on a day like this, people try to avoid the outdoors as much as possible.