Programming Update: Nov 2022

November was not a huge programming month for me. On the weekends I was a little more focused with family stuff and videogames. But I did manage work on a couple projects.

Ever since 2010, I’ve been been using Python to automatically post my top 3 artists to Twitter. In 2020, it even became my first package on Pypi. With activity picking up on Mastodon, I ported the code over to that site. I also used the opportunity to clean up the code bit to my more modern coding standards. I haven’t created a package yet, but may soon enough.
I also did some work on my Extra Life Donation Tracker. I’d pulled out the API so that others could build on it, but, as a result, I was creating a Team object from the API rather than the inheritance version. I did a workaround to make it work, but I’m going to have to work at the code a bit more to make it less clunky.

Next month – Advent of Code!!