Programming Update: March 2023

In March I continued to work on my programming projects as well as a little more Advent of Code.

Things started off with me finishing up my dreamhostapi and Dreamhost_DNS_Go projects in Golang. I got the API working under all the conditions that I need and I worked on both the output of the program and the logging. It now functions quite well for me to keep my dynamic DNS URLs up to date. My next step is something I’m going to do in a few of my cron scripts – have a separate JSON log that could be interpreted so that I could either have a daily email to let me know that the scripts all ran correctly or so that I can load them into Prometheus/Grafana to see on a dashboard how all my scripts are doing.

As I was doing my Let’s Plays to raise money for Extra Life, I noticed some quality of life updates I wanted to make for the output. I added a new output to contain the latest milestone reached, stopped message-containing output from saying “None” if there wasn’t a message, and I added a space in the output when no donations have been made so that it would appear prettier if being scrolled.

Finally, for Advent of Code, I decided that I would try and do all years at once so that I could get all the stars for the easy days. This led to me attempting some of the easier days in Go and Ruby.