Review: As Yet Unsent

As Yet Unsent by Tamsyn Muir

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A bit bummed this wasn’t included in the audiobook of Harrow the Ninth. That said, it was easy to find on

As you find out near the last third or so of Harrow the Ninth, some of the survivors of the first book have been busy with a project of their own. This short story is a bit of a bridge that helps us see how they got there. There are still a lot of unanswered questions (perhaps until Nona comes out this Sept), but it does fill in a bit of the info. More interesting to me is the character study aspect of the story.

Each of the three characters lost someone important in the first book. But unfortunately, they have to process this grief (and what they believe this tells them about the world/religion) while being held as prisoners of war. Not only that, their captors are using various tactics to try and break them down.

I think that’s the proof that Muir is a great writer. Story-wise, the point is to get a little extra information to the reader of the series and explain why characters may be acting a certain way. But Muir gives us so much more by exploring how the events of book 1 coupled with being POWs affects our characters, particularly within the context of the cavalier bond.

A must-read if you’re into the Locked Tomb series.

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